• KarstadtSports
      Die Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH mit Sitz in Essen ist eine deutsche Warenhauskette und wurde am 14.Mai 1881 gegründet. Zur Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH gehören 82 Warenhäuser, 3 Schnäppchencenter sowie die Onlineshops karstadt.de. und karstadtsports.de. Seit 1. Oktober 2011 sind sämtliche Filialen (28 Sporthäuser) von Karstadt-Sports bzw. das KaDeWe Berlin, Alsterhaus Hamburg und Oberpollinger München in der Karstadt Sports GmbH bzw. Karstadt Premium GmbH aufgegangen. Somit sind die Sports-Filialen sowie die drei Premium-Filialen nicht mehr Bestandteil der Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH.

      Die ERP-Lösung

      Die CIRCON ERP-Lösung Microsoft Dynamics AX ersetzt eine hochgradig angepasste, aber in die Jahre gekommene Lösung.
      Karstadt Sports setzt Microsoft Dynamics AX und CIRCON Fashion ein, um die Retail und Mode-Anforderungen speziell für Kaufhäuser abzudecken.
    • Felina GmbH
      The company Felina, with over 100 years of history, presents itself stylishly, dynamically and on an international level. At the head office in Mannheim around 260 employees develop and internationally market high-quality and functional lingerie fashion. Corsage fashion from Felina is available in more than 100 countries.

      Felina currently supplies around 1500 customers in Germany – with an emphasis on specialist stores. Felina products can also be found in medical stores, department stores and bought through mail-order. Around 6000 retailers and 1000 employees worldwide belong to the international Felina family.

      The ERP solution

      In Mannheim, an in-house development and individual solution with 220 users was set for replacement. Due to internal demands, especially at international level, Microsoft Dynamics AX was selected thanks to its flexibility and available functionality.

      The new solution covers the Mannheim head office as well as the production facilities in Hungary and Poland and worldwide international distribution sites. With the help of Dynamics AX, the retail sector and shop management of the partner stores were strengthened as well as the business dealings themselves.
    • Meyer & Meyer
      Meyer & Meyer is an owner-managed family business with a large amount of tradition and experience. Starting as a pure transportation company, the business has developed into one of the most important textile logistics service providers on the European market.
      The range of services offered by Meyer & Meyer ranges from national and international transport through storage logistics, quality management and consulting, to industry-specific IT and communication services.
      From the company head office in Osnabrück and a network of branches and partner companies both in Germany and abroad, Meyer & Meyer manages logistical activities in 40 countries with an ERP solution from CIRCON.

      The ERP solution

      The solution installed at Meyer & Meyer, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, supports the company in carrying out the sometimes very extensive processing, preparation and services for textile customers.

      Overall, worldwide logistics solutions, i.e. ‘from sheep to shop’ care (from the raw materials to the finished product) are offered with the CIRCON solution especially for the textile industry.
      With 857 branches in 32 countries and a turnover of €1.6 billion, New Yorker is one of the biggest fashion companies operating throughout Europe. Since the first branch was opened in Flensburg in North Germany in 1971, New Yorker has been constantly growing.
      More than 15000 full and part-time employees belong to the New Yorker team. Against the general trend, New Yorker showed strong growth and its profitability grew continually over the last few years. This success can be attributed to an effective market position and extensive expansion in Europe.

      The ERP solution

      A landscape of 30 individual Navision installations and many self-developed solutions are lined up to be replaced.
      The CIRCON industry solution Fashion Retail with Microsoft AX 2009 will cover all ERP process including specific planning processes replenishment, logistics and controlling for the entire finance and goods flow, currently with 500 concurrent users.
      Therefore, a seamless approach will be pursued, ranging from the PDM system to maintenance of the POS systems.
    • Olsen GmbH & Co. KG
      vOlsen GmbH & Co.KG is a German commercial enterprise for women’s wear with head office in Hamburg. The fashion company employs more than 500 employees worldwide and is represented in 30 countries. Olsen has 79 of its own shops and is offered worldwide in around 3000 boutiques and fashion shops. Its turnover amounts to more than €100 million.
      At the end of the fifties (1959), the foundations were laid for today’s fashion business sector with the importing of pullovers from the far east. The collections on offer include the core areas of knitwear and shirts, as well as modern coordinates (blazers, skirts, trousers, blouses, outdoor wear, and accessories).

      The ERP solution

      Up for replacement is an individual solution on an IBM AS/400 system with 250 users which has been modified to Olsen’s requirements.
      The new solution covers the entire supply chain from PDM to transferring information to POS systems as well as integrating an external logistics service provider.

      Some Olsen-specific functions, for example the arrangement of colour levels as well as the international and fully integrated procurement and distribution system will help to sustainably improve the company’s flexibility.
    • Berthold Vollers GmbH

    • BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilh. Herbst GmbH & Co. KG

    • mytheresa

    • Reclay

    • Strenesse

    • ASV-Stübbe

    • Karl Vögele AG
      The company has been specialising in retailing shoes for the whole family for over 80 years. Distribution takes place through 350 of the company’s own branches throughout Switzerland and in most of Austria’s federal states as well as mail-order and the online shop. The company’s turnover comes to over 300 million Swiss Francs.

      The ERP overall solution

      CIRCON is replacing the entire ERP landscape with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Complex allocation mechanisms in the branches, high demands in accounting for Switzerland and Austria and textile-specific features such as the colour-size matrix all constitute specific problems. The following processes have been mapped: - processing of over 95000 retail sales per day - integration of several generations of POS infrastructure and data transfer - complex reacquisition and allocation mechanisms - ‘Fashion and Fashion Retail’ industry solutions
    • Mammut Sports Group AG
      Mammut Sports Group AG in Seon/Argau, Switzerland, which belongs to Conzzeta Holding AG, is an innovative company. Mammut develops and sells alpine, outdoor and snow-sport products. It offers the right equipment for all uses, characterised by its quality, technicality and functionality. The 200+ people at the head office work worldwide with the product manufacturers, the sales branches and subsidiary companies as well as directly with the specialist retailers.
      The subsidiary companies, suppliers and existing high-bay warehouse also work on the system with radio-controlled, paperless logistics.

      The ERP solution

      The CIRCON Fashion Wholesale ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX complements an extremely adapted, but long in the tooth solution. The solution is fully implemented in such a way that it can adapt to the rash changes in the fashion market and the large growth of the last few years can be continued.

      The broad product range and its design require far-sighted planning and cooperation with the suppliers. The same applies for the worldwide distribution network which is being systematically expanded. This places high demands on the CIRCON Fashion system with the following emphases:
      - PDM
      - Demand planning
      - Materials management
      - Logistics
      - Complex costing processes
      - Purchasing
      - Sales
      - CRM
      - Accounting
    • Schild AG
      When Swiss cloth manufacturer Adrian Schild purchased Volkstuch AG in 1922, the company saw a change from a cloth manufacturing business with its own sales outlets to a men’s outfitters. Today, the Swiss SCHILD Group, with head office in Lucerne, offers distinctive advice and service quality for men’s and women’s upper-mid price fashion at selected locations throughout Germany and West Switzerland.

      With over 600 employees, SCHILD generates a turnover of 180 million Swiss Francs in 31 fashion boutiques and 2 outlet stores.

      The ERP overall solution
      (AX 3.0, Upgrade AX2009 planned)

      The ERP solution covers all areas of operation from planning, pre-orders, purchasing, logistics/warehouse management, sales with linking of POS registers to accounting and EDI communication with suppliers.

      As part of the Spengler takeover, the SAP system installed in the company was replaced by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

      The project was carried out under enormous time pressure as the existing solution was only available for a limited period. Recently, new processes were also introduced in HR under AX.
    • Supreme Foodservice GmbH
      Supreme Foodservice was founded in 1957 and is a worldwide leading provider of customer-specific solutions for supplying food to soldiers and civilians in crisis areas. Today, Supreme Foodservice is active in 30 countries and currently has 9200 employees. Its head office is located in Ziegelbrücke in Switzerland.

      The ERP project

      Microsoft Dynamics AX is used to map the basic processes in goods management and accounting. To supplement this, Food&Beverage and Transport&Logistics are also used. Further highlights include:
      - Business Intelligence with OLAP services (SQL 2005) and Excel 2007 as front end
      - mapping of 7 dimensions in the accounting system
      - international demands and rollouts in all countries
      - operating a solution in a Swiss data processing centre
    • President Fashion Ltd.

    • Autosdistribution Losch S.à r.l.
      The Losch Group is an importer of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Porsche for the Luxembourg market. The company, rich in tradition, has five of its own car dealerships and supplies around 20 independent traders with new cars and replacement parts. The Losch Group also has its own leasing company and car-hire company. Microsoft Dynamics AX is used with an emphasis on the accounting system. Fully automatic, bidirectional interfaces were developed for the import and dealer systems, as well as for the leasing and rental applications. In addition to this, a part of the logistics is also dealt with via Microsoft Dynamics AX. Internal settlements between the companies are carried out in Microsoft Dynamics AX via Intercompany.
    • F.J. Aschwanden AG
      was founded in Lyss, Switzerland in 1949 and has since become part of the CRH Group. The CRH Group is one of the largest European groups in the production and distribution of building materials and building-related products. The CRH Group operates legally independent companies, which do not trade directly under the CRH name, at 240 locations. CIRCON is implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX as part of the rollout as a local partner in Lyss. In addition to this, CIRCON is also supporting Aschwanden in introducing the Cost Accounting and incorporating new Dynamics AX modules, e.g. Product Generator into the ongoing processes. It is particularly challenging, despite extremely short delivery times (currently 1-2 days) and customer-specific products, to ensure equal use of the machines and employees whilst not losing sight of storage costs. Currently, approximately 40 users in Lyss work with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution.
    • Bernina International AG
      is an independent family business founded in 1893. The BERNINA Textile Group is today a globally operative group of 15 companies with over 1000 employees and is active in around 80 countries. CIRCON is implementing a globally available ERP solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX for the entire group. Particularly challenging here is mapping the enormous variety of requirements, which range from high-tech production in Thailand, through product development in Switzerland to the most diverse processes in the USA, into one central solution. The current SAP solution with several media disruptions is being completely replaced and a fully integrated solution is being put in place across the entire value chain. The central solution, hosted in Switzerland, will be accessed by around 450 users worldwide.
    • Infront Sports & Media AG
      is an international sport marketing company with head office in Zug in Switzerland. Its central business areas are worldwide marketing of media and sponsorship rights for sporting events and media production. Infront also offers services such as sport facility advertising, hospitality and event management. Infront has more than 20 branches worldwide with a total of 500 employees. Crucial in the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX was high flexibility, contrary to the previously used solution. Infront Sports & Media uses Microsoft Dynamics AX primarily in accounting and financial controlling. Thanks to the internationality of Microsoft.
    • Zumbach Electronic AG
      Zumbach Electronic AG is a medium-sized, Swiss family business which was founded in 1957. Today Zumbach Electronic has 13 branches and 40 representatives worldwide. Zumbach Electronic is one of the leading manufacturers of online measuring, monitoring, controlling and regulatory systems for the cable and wire industry, plastic extrusion and the metal industry. CIRCON is implementing a globally available ERP solution with Microsoft Dynamics AX for the whole group. The particular challenge here is mapping the wide variety of needs at the main works in Switzerland and the USA and the distribution branches in Europe, and replacing the different ERP solutions in the individual branches in the process. In this way, a fully integrated solution is put in place across the entire value chain. The solution, hosted in Switzerland, is accessed by around 200 users worldwide.
    • Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG
      Regent Beleuchtungskörper AG with head office in Basel was founded in 1908 and is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. With a turnover of over 200 million Swiss Francs and over 500 employees, Regent is the largest company in the lighting industry in Switzerland. The ERP overall solution All requirements (finance, trade, production, personnel) were fundamentally covered by the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard modules. In the workflow management and project management areas, supplementary products are also used, for example AX Workflow. The following processes have been mapped: the high demands in costing and the quotation system are met with the additional module Account. Monitoring the business processes and ensuring consideration of preset parameters and sequences are mapped with Workflow for Dynamics AX.
    • ERNI Innovation in Process and Technology. ERNI is an international consultancy company for IT engineering and consulting. ERNI assists successful businesses from the services and industry sectors in improving their processes and technologies. ERNI supports its customers in improving the added value of services and products and increasing the company’s worth. Microsoft Dynamics AX is used in a total of five countries with an emphasis on project execution. This includes project management, performance and cost recording, and project invoicing as well as comprehensive accounting and payroll accounting.
      ERNI - Innovation in Prozess und Technologie, ERNI ist ein internationales Beratungsunternehmen für IT-Engineering und Consulting. ERNI begleitet erfolgreiche Firmen aus Dienstleistung und Industrie bei der Verbesserung deren Prozesse und Technologien. ERNI unterstützen seine Kunden dabei, die Wertschöpfung an Services und Produkten zu verbessern und den Unternehmenswert zu steigern. Microsoft Dynamics AX wird mit dem Schwerpunkt auf die Projektabwicklung in insgesamt fünf Ländern angewendet. Dazu gehören Projektverwaltung, Leistungs- und Kostenerfassung, Projektverrechnung sowie ein umfassendes Rechnungswesen und die Lohnbuchhaltung.
    • Valora Holding AG

    • Boost AG
      As an internationally active company, Boost offers innovative and effective marketing solutions for customers in consumer markets and companies in the electronics, pharmaceutics, automobile, finance and service sectors. Currently, Boost has 260 full-time employees and 2600 sales representatives throughout Europe. The Loyalty division handles all matters pertaining to the premium programme for its customers and ships products from the warehouse in Hulst, Netherlands, to their end customers throughout Europe. A high level of delivery capability and quick order processing are central themes for the company in order to gain high customer satisfaction. CIRCON is carrying out the full ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 introduction for the Loyalty division as well as others. A particular focus is placed on quick data access by the call centre and smooth shipment of premium products, however connecting the numerous customer web-shops into Microsoft Dynamics AX are also central requirements.
    • Metrohm AG
      in Herisau (Switzerland) is the worldwide leading manufacturer of electro-chemical analysis devices for laboratories and process management in the areas of titration, ion chromatography and polargraphy/voltammetry. Altogether, Metrohm has around 1700 employees and a worldwide distribution network with about 40 branches in Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. CIRCON is implementing a globally available ERP solution for the worldwide branches with Microsoft Dynamics AX for the whole group. Particularly challenging here is standardising the very wide variety of requirements from almost 40 countries in 5 continents and replacing the many different ERP solutions currently in use. A fully integrated solution is being implemented across the entire value chain. Once completed, the solution, hosted in Switzerland, will be accessed by around 500 users worldwide.
    • Bächli Bergsport AG
      Bächli Bergsport AG is the leading partner for all mountain sport enthusiasts and is especially characterised by its full range of articles and competent advice. Despite branches in selected cities in Switzerland, the e-commerce shop is gaining in importance with mountain sport articles also being required in the highest regions of Switzerland.

      The ERP and e-business solution

      The focus of the overall solution is 100% integration of the points of sale into Dynamics AX in all 10 branches spread throughout Switzerland as well as in the e-business shop with central distribution. The e-shop makes a crucial contribution to the company’s total turnover.
    • Sport Eybl
      Sport Eybl GmbH, with head office in Wels, Austria, retails sports clothing and shoes at 51 locations in Austria.

      Sport Eybl
      - the largest adventure sport shop in Austria
      - 18% market share in Austria
      - Sport Eybl & Sports Experts Group turnover for 2008/2009: €378 million
      - 73000m2 selling space
      - 1400 employees, 200 trainees

      The ERP overall solution (AX2009) With its industry solution CIRCON Fashion-Retail, CIRCON is carrying out all business process in the different sales lines in-house. The following processes have been mapped:
      - pre-order
      - purchasing
      - logistics
      - merchandise management
      - sales
      - POS linking
      - CRM
      - financial management
      - EDI connection to suppliers

    • Sports Experts GmbH
      with head office in Wels (Austria) retails sports goods at 28 locations in Austria and 2 in Germany. SPORT Experts’ range includes more than 100000 items of sports equipment and clothing from more than 400 leading brands from the world of sport.
      With its industry solution CIRCON Fashion-Retail, CIRCON is carrying out all business process in the different sales lines in-house. Processes such as pre-order, purchasing, logistics, merchandise management, sales, POS linking, CRM, inventory management, integration of the LFS system, financial management, EDI connection to suppliers and BI have been carried out with CIRCON.
    • VTU Holding GmbH
      VTU-Engineering is an internationally operative high-tech company which plans process facilities for the pharmaceutics, biotechnology, chemistry and environmental technology industries. The emphasis of its activities lies in procedural planning and continuous project management from concept creation to completed start-up.

      The Project
      Microsoft Dynamics AX was implemented with a focus on project execution. Particular attention was placed on intuitive user guidance and knowledge management within project execution. The following processes have been mapped:
      - Project management module with automatic company-wide performance accounting
      - CRM integration
      - HRM module with travel expense accounting
      - Liquidity planning and evaluation
      - Content management

    • HEFELTextil GmbH
      Hefel Textil AG is one of the most successful producers of bedding in Europe. Cutting edge in the 3rd millennium – innovations create the trends and highlights of the present and future. Fully integrated production in the Schwarzach and Kefermarkt plants – weaving, finishing, carding, quilting, design and manufacture – create the decisive edge in quality, speed and service. Hefel bed and sleep

      The ERP solution

      Microsoft Dynamics AX was implemented in the following areas: finance – SCM - product generator - production
    • ENJO International GmbH
      The origins of ENJO Produktionsgesellschaft mbH reach back to 1985 when Friedrich Engl developed the raw material for a revolutionary, new cleaning technology and carried out the first product texts. In 1990, his son, just 23 at the time, founded an individual enterprise which began with the distribution of the newly developed cleaning products. Since then, this initial one-man-firm has grown into a successful, internationally active company. Today, ENJO products are sold on four continents.

      The ERP project

      ENJO uses Microsoft Dynamics AX in its purchasing/sales/production and accounting divisions. In addition to this, CIRCON developed a solution for direct distribution structures (franchise distribution) with the webportal. In doing this, vendors and managers worldwide have access to the sales figures over the internet at any time.
    • JAMAL Feuerlöscherbau GmbH
      The company JAMAL Feuerlöscherbau was founded in 1997 as a family business. Jamal offers a diversified, tailor-made range of preventive and defensive fire safety products. All checks and maintenance are carried out at JAMAL by TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association)-certified technicians (who are also fire protection officers) in accordance with valid standards and guidelines. JAMAL uses Microsoft Dynamics AX in its purchasing/sales/warehousing/CRM/service and accounting divisions. In addition to this, CIRCON created an industry-specific expansion package in the form of a ‘fire protection book’ together with the customer.
      BEKO is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in Europe. It supplies its products to more than 280 million customers in more than 100 countries. BEKO came onto the Czech market in 2005 and was distinguished as the trustworthy brand and product of the year in 2007.

      The ERP solution

      MS Dynamics AX, implemented by CIRCON, is used in the Czech subsidiary company BEKO as the main system for purchasing, sales and finance. CIRCON has also adapted the modules for finance and purchasing so that they correspond to the internal regulations of the whole group. On top of this, CIRCON introduced new interfaces for importing information from different external systems.
    • Darty
      DARTY belongs to the KESA electricals group and has a turnover of over €2.1 billion through its 300 branches. DARTY is the market leader in France for retailing electrical and household appliance. This success is based on its strong reputation for service, quality and reliability with the motto “Contrat de confiance” (contract of confidence). DARTY has expanded into the Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey and Spain. In the Czech Republic, the company is already the market leader under the name DARTART.

      The ERP solution

      CIRCON is implementing a complete ERP solution for retail with Microsoft Dynamics AX for all international rollouts. The following processes have been mapped:
      - Comprehensive retail selling processes (cash sales, deposits, POS/checkouts, home delivery, mobile/contracts etc)
      - After-sales service / call centre
      - Retail sales and purchasing planning
      - Retail logistics (warehouse transfer, internal logistics, branch distribution)
      - Country-specific accountancies
      - Item information system

    • Mediatel, spol. s r. o.

    • Allcom spol. s r. o.

    • Datart International,a.s.

    • Berendsen Textil Servis s.r.o.

    • COMPAREX Deutschland AG
      COMPAREX is a worldwide leading provider of high-quality IT services. The company has more than 30 years of experience in planning and implementing servers and client infrastructures for small and medium-sized businesses, bodies of the public administration, industry and other international customers. COMPAREX works with renowned partners such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Adobe, Symantec, McAfee, Hitachi, IBM, EMC and many more and operates in 28 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. At COMPAREX, MS Dynamics AX is the central system for finance, logistics and CRM and is supplemented by a variety of adaptations, including integration with other internal systems and front-end solutions. CIRCON has also provided advisory services and support in the Dynamics AX rollouts in the COMPAREX branches in the Czech Republic.
    • Engbers GmbH & Co. KG
      is a solid family business which has stood by its high quality and service standards for over 60 years. The company employs over 1600 employees at its head office in Gronau, in the Münsterland region of northwest Germany, and in over 280 Engbers branches throughout Germany and Austria. CIRCON implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX and the vertical solution CIRCON Retail with integration of the existing point of sale solutions. CIRCON Retail was implemented throughout the entire value chain from purchase to completion of customer orders in the shop as well as in connecting the POS systems and communication with the shop employees. Currently, 70 concurrent users work with the system at the head office in Gronau.
    • B2X - Logistik und Dienstleistungen
      B2X ist der führende Anbieter von Customer-Care-Lösungen im Bereich Elektronikgeräte für Hersteller, Versicherungen, Mobilfunkbetreiber und den Handel weltweit. B2X offeriert maßgeschneiderte Customer-Care-Lösungen für den After-Sales-Bereich. Der Branchenfokus erstreckt sich auf Consumer-Elektronik-Hersteller, Handel, Mobilnetzbetreiber und Versicherungen. Die Shared-Service-Plattform von B2X stellt eine One-Stop-Shop-Lösung bereit, die auf alle Erfordernisse des Kundenservices ausgerichtet sind, so dass Ihr Unternehmen wachsen kann und die Kunden von Anfang an zufrieden sind.

      Die ERP-Lösung

      Das schnelle Wachstum und die hohen Prozessanforderungen hat die B2X dazu bewegt in ein neues ERP System zu investieren. Die eingesetzte ERP Lösung war am Ende des Lebenszyklus und sollte komplett ersetzt werden, mit dem Ziel alle Tochtergesellschaften weltweit über Intercompany Prozesse mit der Muttergesellschaft zu verbinden. In einem sehr gründlichen Auswahlprozess mit 8 verschiedenen ERP Anbietern konnte sich die Circon mit ihrer langjährigen ERP Erfahrung und in Kombination mit Microsoft Dynamics AX klar durchsetzen. Microsoft Dynamics AX wurde zuerst im Mutterhaus in München und in der Logisitkzentrale in Bocholt installiert. Der weltweite Roll Out wurde im Anschluss vorgenommen.
    • TRIGEMA – Einzelhandel, Großhandel, Logistik und Produktion
      Die TRIGEMA Inh. W. Grupp e.K. mit Sitz im schwäbischen Burladingen wurde 1919 gegründet und ist Deutschlands größter Hersteller von Sport- und Freizeit-Bekleidung. Das Unternehmen bietet qualitativ hochwertige Sport- und Freizeitbekleidung sowie Tag- und Nachtwäsche für Damen, Herren, Jugendliche und Kinder. TRIGEMA und Wolfgang Grupp, alleiniger Geschäftsführer und Inhaber in dritter Generation, stehen dabei für modernste Technik, für soziale und wirtschaftliche Verantwortung und für den Erhalt des Produktionsstandortes Deutschland.

      Die ERP-Lösung

      Mit Dynamics AX 2012 wurde die bestehende heterogene Systemlandschaft ersetzt, da diese den Anforderungen an eine moderne ERP-Lösung nicht mehr gerecht wurde. In Projektphase 1 wurde Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 für das Rechnungswesen und den Verkauf mit der Anbindung von zwei Webshops eingeführt. In den nächsten Projektphasen ist es geplant die übrigen Bereiche inklusive der Fashion-Produktion zu implementieren. Zur Zeit sind die Teilprojekte Einkauf/Beschaffung und Reporting/BI in der Umsetzung.

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    • Stock list management
    • Order management, demand logistics
    • Preparing quotations
    • Item costing
    • Requirement calculation
    • Merchandise management
    • Procurement logistics
    • Inventory management
    • Graphical workflow
    • BI / statistics / data warehouse
    • Image management
    • Call centre management
    • Random warehousing
    • Claim notification to purchasing department
    • CRM
    • Cross docking
    • Dashboard
    • Profit contribution
    • Arrangement
    • Document management
    • Document tracing
    • E-Commerce - B2B/ B2C linking
    • Branch categorisation
    • Branch management
    • Financial controlling
    • Colour matrix
    • Fixed price projects
    • Space optimisation
    • Global address management
    • Graphical capacity planning
    • Graphical resource planning
    • Inter-company planning
    • International accounting
    • Inventory (central warehouse and branches)
    • Campaign management
    • KANBAN
    • Commissioning
    • Consignment warehouse management
    • Account structure
    • Controlling
    • Group account limits
    • Copy item data
    • Cost accounting
    • Creditor management
    • Stock management
    • Random storage
    • Storage area management
    • Lean manufacturing
    • Supplier analyses
    • Supplier payment reminders
    • Multi channel returns management
    • Multi channel sales
    • Sample processing
    • Sample procurement (ordering, delivery tracking and receipt of goods)
    • Pre- and post costing
    • Post costing projects
    • Global purchasing
    • Package service provider integration
    • PDM – integrated/interface
    • Analysis of best and worst sellers
    • Picking route management
    • Portal solutions
    • Price reductions
    • Price management, price calculation
    • Discount
    • Price structures
    • Pre-orders
    • Product information
    • Product structure
    • Production planning
    • Product planning and development
    • Planning/prognosis
    • Project proposal management
    • Project controlling
    • Project management
    • Promotion planning
    • Quality control
    • Quality criteria
    • Quality management
    • Quality testing
    • Discount tiered processes
    • Recording and approving invoice receipt and preparation
    • Season planning, collection planning
    • Season allocation
    • Bulk packaging
    • Bulk production
    • Bulk invoices
    • Scanner
    • Service management
    • Product range management (logistically and physically)
    • Product range definition
    • Haulage company integration
    • Expenses management
    • Several locations
    • BOM management
    • Telemarketing
    • TQM
    • Receipt of goods planning
    • Turnover planning
    • Variant configuration
    • Organisation structure
    • Sales controlling
    • Sales costings and price lists
    • Sales planning
    • Extended workbench
    • Packaging management
    • Contract management
    • Customs clearance
    • VMI space planning
    • Pre-costing
    • Pre-order / order management
    • Receipt of goods planning
    • Receipt of goods planning, rough (planned quantity per week compared with feasible unit per week)
    • Workflow and Alerts
    • Central price management
    • Customs declaration
    • Customs forms
    • Bonded warehousing / Customs clearance
    • Product range allocation (initial allocation / re-sorting)
    • Multi-stage financial consolidation
    • Capital consolidation
    • Debt consolidation
    • Elimination of inter-group profit from inventory
    • Cash flow planning
    • Financial – ratio calculation
    • Variant configuration
    • Product configuration
    • Service management
    • Financial accounting
    • Item approval process
    • Multilevel BOM
    • Purchase planning