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  • Mammut Sports Group AG

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  • Mammut develops and sells alpine, outdoor and snow-sport products. It offers the right equipment for all uses, characterised by its quality, technicality and functionality. The 200+ people at the head office work worldwide with the product manufacturers, the sales branches and subsidiary companies as well as directly with the specialist retailers.
    The subsidiary companies, suppliers and existing high-bay warehouse also work on the system with radio-controlled, paperless logistics.

    The ERP solution

    The CIRCON Fashion Wholesale ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX complements an extremely adapted, but long in the tooth solution. The solution is fully implemented in such a way that it can adapt to the rash changes in the fashion market and the large growth of the last few years can be continued.

    The broad product range and its design require far-sighted planning and cooperation with the suppliers. The same applies for the worldwide distribution network which is being systematically expanded. This places high demands on the CIRCON Fashion system with the following emphases:
    - PDM
    - Demand planning
    - Materials management
    - Logistics
    - Complex costing processes
    - Purchasing
    - Sales
    - CRM
    - Accounting.