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Customers to the selected process

Felina GmbH

Logo Felina GmbH

The company Felina, with over 100 years of history, presents itself stylishly, dynamically and on an international level. At the head office in Mannheim around 260 employees develop and internationally market high-quality and functional lingerie fashion.

Olsen GmbH & Co. KG

Logo Olsen GmbH & Co. KG

vOlsen GmbH & Co.KG is a German commercial enterprise for women’s wear with head office in Hamburg. The fashion company employs more than 500 employees worldwide and is represented in 30 countries.

Karl Vögele AG

Logo Karl Vögele AG

The company has been specialising in retailing shoes for the whole family for over 80 years. Distribution takes place through 350 of the company’s own branches throughout Switzerland and in most of Austria’s federal states as well as mail-order and the online shop.

Mammut Sports Group AG

Logo Mammut Sports Group AG

Mammut Sports Group AG in Seon/Argau, Switzerland, which belongs to Conzzeta Holding AG, is an innovative company. Mammut develops and sells alpine, outdoor and snow-sport products.

Schild AG

Logo Schild AG

When Swiss cloth manufacturer Adrian Schild purchased Volkstuch AG in 1922, the company saw a change from a cloth manufacturing business with its own sales outlets to a men’s outfitters. Today, the Swiss SCHILD Group, with head office in Lucerne, offers distinctive advice and service quality for men’s and women’s upper-mid price fashion at selected locations throughout Germany and West Switzerland.

Bächli Bergsport AG

Logo Bächli Bergsport AG

Bächli Bergsport AG is the leading partner for all mountain sport enthusiasts and is especially characterised by its full range of articles and competent advice. Despite branches in selected cities in Switzerland, the e-commerce shop is gaining in importance with mountain sport articles also being required in the highest regions of Switzerland.

The ERP and e-business solution

The focus of the overall solution is 100% integration of the points of sale into Dynamics AX in all 10 branches spread throughout Switzerland as well as in the e-business shop with central distribution.

Sport Eybl

Logo Sport Eybl

Sport Eybl GmbH, with head office in Wels, Austria, retails sports clothing and shoes at 51 locations in Austria.

Sport Eybl
- the largest adventure sport shop in Austria
- 18% market share in Austria
- Sport Eybl & Sports Experts Group turnover for 2008/2009: €378 million
- 73000m2 selling space
- 1400 employees, 200 trainees

The ERP overall solution (AX2009) With its industry solution CIRCON Fashion-Retail, CIRCON is carrying out all business process in the different sales lines in-house.

Sports Experts GmbH

Logo Sports Experts GmbH

with head office in Wels (Austria) retails sports goods at 28 locations in Austria and 2 in Germany. SPORT Experts’ range includes more than 100000 items of sports equipment and clothing from more than 400 leading brands from the world of sport.
With its industry solution CIRCON Fashion-Retail, CIRCON is carrying out all business process in the different sales lines in-house.

HEFELTextil GmbH

Logo HEFELTextil GmbH

Hefel Textil AG is one of the most successful producers of bedding in Europe. Cutting edge in the 3rd millennium – innovations create the trends and highlights of the present and future.

Engbers GmbH & Co. KG

Logo Engbers GmbH & Co. KG

is a solid family business which has stood by its high quality and service standards for over 60 years. The company employs over 1600 employees at its head office in Gronau, in the Münsterland region of northwest Germany, and in over 280 Engbers branches throughout Germany and Austria.